Choquequirao to Machupicchu - Hike With The Real Local!

If you are hiking anywhere in the Cusco area then you need to reach out Machula Expeditions! Ron is an absolutely awesome guide and amazing person. He is fluent in english/spanish/quechua and spends time explaining the beautiful ancient sites as well as his quechua culture. There are hoards of so called "tour companies" in Cusco constantly bombarding you to take your sols. I would steer clear of these. I came to find that they all operate without the proper permitting which means that they do not pay their workers a fair wage. I struggled to plan a more remote hike that was not overrun with people due to difficulty to access maps/trails in Peru (and I've done many miles of backpacking in the US). Until I was lucky enough to meet Ron. He is extremely well traveled in the area and has lots of options to fit your hiking style, your time available, and budget. I had an absolutely amazing time hiking through the sacred ruins. I cannot recommend this company enough. Sure I could hiked this trail alone. But, I would have been wet, hungry, confused, and somewhat miserable. Why do that? The hike itself will be challenging enough (plenty of elevation gain/loss). Spend your time and money wisely with a truly local small business! Cheers! See you on the trail!

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Date: 2018-Jul-03

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Tour: Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 7 Days