Why choose Machula Expeditions?

What Does Machula Mean..?

The word "machula" refers to an older person. In our Cusco tradition, a master of wisdom is a very wise person. We identify with this word because we know how tourism comes in Peru and Cusco, we want to teach our culture and customs in our region as a master of the Andes

My name is Ronald Santos i am   indigenous tour guide i took more than 1000 people from different places to Machupicchu. I have a degree in tourism and recognized by the Peruvian state. my  friends that work with me are the same origin from the mountains we want to give you an unforgettable trip to Machupicchu in Peru.

With a group in Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

With a group in Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

We are all indigenous people from the mountains.  our origin  is from  community   Cacchiccata and socma in Ollantaytambo town a city  with  a lot of history  of the Incas, as well Ollantaytambo is the main entrance to lost Inca's city of Machu Picchu. we are indigenous owner from this community with long experience in tourism industry

Working the lands of Sacred Valley of Incas

Working the lands of Sacred Valley of Incas

Our company is dedicated to offering walks in harmony and peace, aiming to understand our beautiful nature. The magnificent routes we walk are old Inca roads connecting towns such as Machu Picchu and Cusco. Respecting nature is our priority, and we strive to keep the planet clean and healthy for future generations. We always want to preserve the knowledge that our Inca ancestors left us.

Machula Expeditions Team

Responsible Travel.

We are a 100% local tour operator and our objective is to involve the people of the communities, thus prioritizing mutual aid, working together as "arrieros", cooks, guides. Also inviting the ladies to be involved in the development of families and their communities.

Working the lands of Sacred Valley of Incas

Working the lands of Sacred Valley of Incas

We are from the Cachiccata community, we want to involve everyone, whether they are children or old people, to grow together as a family, we have many clients who want to support their community development and education of young people who look for opportunities in the cities to become a great leader of our indigenous peoples.

Better Treatment to Our Ambassadors.

our ambassadors  has a wealth of experience of working in the tourism industry.To have a satisfaction to our clients we know what we offer, and how to develop in the field with our support staff. We are aware as a local company, we are not a foreign company, for this we have prepared each one of our ambassadors to make our clients happy in each route we offer, each staff is trained to satisfy our visitors to Peru Cusco.

Environmental Commitment.

We really know what a low-income community needs. Machula expeditions one of the comuneros of the community of Cachiccata, we know what you need our house and how to support the needs of the people. At the time we are growing we want to involve everyone and make greenhouses with native plants and make reforestation in many fields to help the environment and we want to involve our customers also to plant trees and thus deal with global pollution. (water is life)

Our authentic traditions, the dancing in Qoyllurritti

Our authentic traditions, the dancing in Qoyllurritti

Community Service.

As a farmer we care about our elderly people and children, the winter seasons the temperatures drop until to reach a degree of freezing the high Andean fields. Machula expeditions. is proud TO BE  Quechua and supports with medicines and coats for the needy in the mountains that surround us. We are more than 70 families as  "comuneros" of  district of Ollantaytambo.

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